«To develop, improve, promote and regulate the Squaball sport worldwide».


We accomplish this through:

    • Uniting and incorporating all organizations and individuals, who want to be part of the Squaball Community.

    • Coordinating and supporting a network of clubs, coaches, players, sponsors, representatives & partners.

    • Organizing local and international tournaments.

    • Holding the rights of the Squaball sport.

    • Creating training & funding research programs, to continually improve the sport of Squaball.

    • Updating the Official Rules and Regulations of Squaball and making them accessible to all.


«Our vision is for the sport of Squaball to be played and recognized around the world, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of gender, age, ability, beliefs or origin».

Fun is in our DNA, so, «to spread summer all year-round» is also part of our vision.

We believe that sport contributes to building a healthier, more inclusive and united world. 



    • We cultivate integrity & transparency

    • We constantly work to support help our members

    • We are a passionate & motivated community

    • We aim for excellence in all our activities

    • We promote a healthy lifestyle

    • We encourage equality, diversity & inclusion

    • We are committed to the environment

    • We think outside the box


SQUABALL was created in 2006 by Nikos Koutsou at Erotospilia beach, Greece. Passionate about playing with beach rackets and keen on competition, he invented a new sport that could be played all year-round, indoors and outdoors, with innovative rules and no special facilities required.

It was in 2011 when its founding members, Nikos Koutsou and Beatriz Sierra, improved the sport and developed the Official Rules of Squaball.

The Squaball Sport Association was founded in Geneva, Switzerland, by a community of sports enthusiasts, in 2019. Squaball now has headquarters in France and Switzerland, with supporters and a continuing presence in Greece.


PORTRAIT-Nikos Squaball

Nikos Koutsou

PORTRAIT-Bea Squaball

Beatriz Sierra

PORTRAIT Manolis Squaball

Manos Tavlas